Urban Desolation

About me

Well where do i start off with the journey of the last few years.

1st things first i have to show love and so much respect for my grandfather Dennis Clayton for taking me on walks round Purdown hill in Bristol as a child. Who would of thought a trip to see the remains of a ww2 gun emplacement would lead to all of this and have such a lasting effect. Much love and sadly missed RIP

My initial interest in photography stemmed from reading an article about urban exploration in the times back in 2006. This counter culture of trespass and its associated risks to see sites that had been derelict or abandoned had a strange attraction to me. I can remember sat glued to the web. looking at pages from the seminal urban exploration website www.28dayslater.co.uk for hours, looking at the images of the disused hospitals and industrial sites. With the sead of this firmly embedded in my brain, the search was on to find my own sites and document them on a camera borrowed from my father. with this new found love of photography after 2 years i decided to embark on a foundation degree at Truro College. This was the start of the recession and after a few months sat apon the dole pondering life this made the only positive choice.

So fast forward 2 years I’ve came out of Truro college with a FDA in Photography and digital imaging. At this point i should say thanks to Andy Hughes http://www.andyhughes.net/ and Peter Roberts for the help and assistance i got over the two years.

So that takes us up to now, I’m currently starting a small Photography business in Plymouth covering the charity, NGO and not for profit 3rd sector. The main reason for for my huge wish to work in this sector is the fact it will help people. My images will have a social meaning and context, and will show the narrative and express the will of the charity involved rather than a soulless image often seen in marketing.